The Mirror

  Oh… to have another day…

                        To run and sing…To laugh and play

            To seek the wonders found in life,

                        To look in the mirror again.

                                                To look through the light…to peer through the glare

                                                            To try to love the one who’s in there,

                                                To have a chance to “be it” someday…

                                                            To look in the mirror again

  The importance of what one may think of me

                        Doesn’t really matter you see…

            To look in the mirror and like what looks back

                        Is all that matters to me.

                                                So if I can be content within…

                                                            And learn from things that I have been…

                                                To see the truth inside of me…

                                                            To look in the mirror again.

                                                                                                Emery Greye




I shall not fear the road ahead

I’ve survived the path behind

I hope what lies ahead of me

Is wonderful and kind


But as you see the road divides

I need an inner voice

And all the knowledge learned to date

To make the proper choice


The colors are most calming

The path seems quite serene

Unlike some parts I’ve traveled

And atrocities I’ve seen


So now I have to look inside

To choose the left or right

What decision will be best for me…                      

To sleep peacefully… at night


In life, so many things to choose

Decisions we must make

For every turn we face ahead

There’s always much at stake


Before deciding which path to take

To avoid another tumble

Search your faith to choose what’s right

There’s strength in being humble


Emery Greye © 2014


I am as fluid with grammar as a fish with a hammer

But your requests to review poems are sound

My iambic pentameter comes across like a stammer

Like my punctuation mistakes when they’re found.

My knowledge of comma’s equal that of the Brahma

With both I haven’t a clue

But I will try hard with the grace of a Llama

When I peruse and critique poems for you.

We talk exclamation I give no explanation

Why I strand points all over the place.

Being learning impaired has no justification

I spent English class drifting through space

I’ll try to do my very best

To review most poems I start

The depths and the passions are really the test

When your feelings flow “write” from your heart

 And with this in mind I hope that you’ll find

.What I’ll write will be that which I feel.

 You may dislike it perhaps and think me unkind

. If “you” like what “you wrote”, that’s “the deal”. -Emery Greye