I took the name Emery Greye from a woman I love very much. Her name was Lucelia Greye Perkins Emery Foss, and she was my grandmother. She was five foot nothing, and when she spoke, you listened. She would threaten to cuff you upside your head if you didn’t listen, but she never did. Both of her parents were college educated at a time when most people weren’t- especially women. She was ahead of her time, and stuck in a world that didn’t recognize women for much more than being homemakers and mothers. Even though these are two extremely important roles, history has shown us that they were the only acceptable roles in the male dominated society of her time.  My grandmother used to tell  me things like,” you can catch more flies with honey,” or, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all”. She would also remind me that honesty is the best policy, and that you should have respect for others as well as yourself. These are certainly part of the creed that I have always tried to live by.  In my opinion, the most wonderful thing my grandmother did was to give birth to my mother and to teach her a value system that she passed on to her children. There are two people in this world that I consider my heroes. My mother, certainly, and interestingly enough the man she married, my father. Every day of my life, my parents practiced what they preached. They showed unconditional love for each other as well as for their children. They taught us about God, honesty, compassion, responsibility, love, and to respect all people regardless of heritage, race, religion, or gender etc. They taught us not to judge people by what we see, but to determine how people are by what’s in their heart, the words that they speak, and the actions they take. They taught us to seek truth and knowledge. I can’t imagine that any child could have had better parents than us. We were truly blessed. On a personal note, I lost my dad a few years ago, I loved him so. Mom’s still going strong. She beat breast and colon cancer, sings with coral groups around town, bought a new car, and at 89 years young is truly my hero. I love you mom.  Since I mentioned that my parents taught their children, you may have surmised that I have siblings. I have an older brother and sister, as well as two younger sisters. So you see, I have that middle child thing working for or against me? I’m not sure which.  I have two children of my own; two stepchildren I love and care about as if they were my own. 

I also have six angelic grandchildren that I look at and love so deeply.  It’s the kind of feeling that’s hard to express. But, I guess you have to be a grandparent to understand. So, you can add divorce, a second marriage, and a blended family to the long list of life experiences that I have lived through and hopefully learned from. Everything I write about is derived from life. Lessons I believe I’ve learned, the questions I’ve asked, but more importantly, the answers that I’ve listened to. I believe that life is nothing but a series of lessons, and once learned, become blessings, thus allowing us the opportunity to learn more lessons. We all come from very different life experiences. Not one of us has experienced life exactly the same. This is what makes each of us so unique. I believe that it is these experiences, and how we respond, that truly define who we are as human beings.   So, with out further ado, here’s my attempt to express to my children, my children’s children, and to children of all ages, some of the things they may have never learned, or just maybe, have been forced to forget in this negative and downward-spiraling world in which we live. I find it interesting that the “peace, love, dope, beads bells, and “ Hare Krishna” generation have brought us to a place in time where the lack of honesty, ethics, morality, and integrity, etc., has become the standard by which we exist.  Like what I write, or don’t. Agree with it or not. I’m simply attempting to leave a message for those that may have the ability to make the changes needed for the world to regain faith in humanity and cherish life as I believe it should be. We all need the same air to breath, so not one of us is any more important than the other. 

I wish you all much Love...Peace...and many Blessings in your lives

       Emery Greye