Critiques of "Emery Greye and Friends"

Emery Greye has his poetic thumb on the pulse beat of life. He has a rare ability to illuminate what the rest of us lack, the insights, words, and courage to say about the phenomenology of our existence. His poems wonderfully embrace everyday humanness - our struggles and our triumphs. “Emery Greye and Friends” is filled with a mixture of down-to-earthness, deep reflection and savvy, with an insight and courage that offers healing and growth for others…An enchanting read! -Dr. Todd F. Walker, Psy.D

What can I say? “Emery Greye and Friends” is truly a twelve course meal of poetic expertise. The heartfelt words inspire and send emotional chills through the reader. Thanks for possessing the life to share those real life poems that write themself. Excellent work, Thank you - Benjamin Hunter,  ISOP

"Emery Greye and Friends" is so introspective yet lighthearted and tender; a job well done. You have used great true to life imagery that is easily understood by the reader! –Ashley Dancer

Your poetry helps us open the pathway to ourselves. It allows us to look into ourselves seeing into our own eyes. Do we like what we see? Only one can answer this. That is why I enjoy this read.-Julie Freyer